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Author: Javier Amaro

Javier is the CEO of Insources Group, a leading Consulting and Training Organisation, with over 24 years of dedicated experience in the tertiary education sector.

Javier’s background in Electrical Engineering, Business, Learning Management, Training and Assessment, Auditing, and Governance gives him the opportunity to approach the challenges of the tertiary education landscape from multiple perspectives.

Throughout his career, Javier designed and delivered over 500 training programs globally, catering to a diverse audience of workplace performance practitioners, learning and education managers, facilitators, trainers, assessors, and TVET professionals.

Javier is constantly seeking to push the boundaries of instructional design and competency-based education across the tertiary landscape. His expertise spans various domains including policy development, quality management, and compliance, with a focus on fostering collaboration between higher education and vocational education providers.
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