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Independent Assessment Validation Services

The assessment validation is a critical component of an RTO’s quality assurance system.

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About Independent Assessment Validation Services

Under current regulatory arrangements (Standards for RTOs 2015), requirements for assessment validations include:

  • All training products to be validated at least once every five years, and
  • At least 50% of products validated within the first three years.

Some industry *statistics:

  • 75% of RTOs audited by ASQA were non-compliant against Standard 1
  • ASQA has received 1,067 complaints about RTOs' assessment practices
  • 73% of RTOs audited by ASQA were found non-compliant against assessment practices
  • 47% of RTOs audited by ASQA were found non-compliant against having qualified and competent trainers and assessors.

Our independent assessment validation service is designed to provide an external independent evaluation of your assessment practices, in line with the requirements under the current Standards for RTOs. Our experienced VET consultants, validators and industry experts will review your assessment systems, practices and judgements and will issue a validation including findings that can be actioned immediately.


Why have an independent validation?

The validations process should identify potential non-compliances, and provide information for continuous improvement. But according to our statistics, (Insources conducts internal audits on more than 60 RTOs per year) 83% of RTOs that were found non-compliant against assessment practices had actually validated their assessments. In other words, the validation performed by the RTO failed to identify the non-compliance.


According to ASQA, the main issues identified at audit were:

  • Assessment does not address all requirements of the training product
  • Assessment does not gather sufficient valid assessment when conducted in a workplace
  • Inadequate exposure to workplace conditions, including inappropriate simulated environments
  • Assessment activities conducted without using required resources
  • Lack of practical assessment
  • Issues relating to authenticity of assessment, particularly in distance and online delivery.


Our Validation Process

  1. An initial meeting with our consultant is scheduled to discuss your assessment system, and determine the scope of the validation (units of competency and sample size).
  2. A checklist of documents required for the validation is sent to the RTO. Documents are uploaded to a secure server.
  3. Our consultants and industry experts validate your assessment practices and judgements, following our compliant "Assessment Validation Process", and will record the outcomes in the validation report.
  4. Finally, a meeting is scheduled to discuss the validation report and explain any follow up actions required.


What are the benefits of this service?

  • Record keeping. Our reports meet record keeping requirements
  • Cost effective. Our system is the most cost effective solution for RTOs
  • Customer service. Insources is a leader in VET quality and compliance systems, with a proven successful record of more than 10 years working with TAFE, community colleges, enterprise RTOs and private RTOs
  • 100% compliant with the Standards for RTOs 2015.


* Statistics published by ASQA at www.asqa.gov.au