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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Clifton Venue
Level 24, 288 Edward Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

RTO Business Planning

Achieving RTO’s goals, maintaining control over the RTO’s operations, managing growth, risks, compliance and adapting to continuous changes that affect the RTO’s industry, isn’t possible without a suitable business plan. The RTO Business Planning Workshop provides you with the principles,... ...

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Optimising RTO OperationsRepeating Event Zoom Webinar

About this Webinar Optimising RTO Operations: Overcoming Challenges at Every Stage This three-part webinar series investigates into specific challenges that Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) encounter by following the journey of VET students, shedding light at each crucial phase. – Effective... ...


Criteria to buy Assessment Tools for RTOs Zoom Webinar

BUYING ASSESSMENT TOOLS We have identified an increasing trend of RTOs buying assessment tools from commercial providers, instead of developing these assessment resources in-house. These tools often include a 100% Compliance Guarantee and although they seems to be a cost-effective... ...


Principles of Self-assurance for RTOs Zoom Webinar

ABOUT THIS WEBINAR VET regulations will move towards a culture of self-assurance in 2021, as part of a wider VET reform. This new strategy will achieve better levels of confidence in the integrity of training products issued by training providers.... ...

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