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Unlocking the Power of PowerPoint for More Effective Learning

About this webinar

We’ve all watched forgettable PowerPoint presentations with poorly designed slides that detract from the learning experience. Unfortunately, many multimedia presentations using programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint fail to utilise the many useful functions of the platform and miss the fundamental principles of multimedia and graphic design. Too much text, poor image selection, unnecessary information, graphics and distracting animations– many multimedia designs hinder learning, retention and recall.

What will I learn?

During this webinar Instructional Designer and Facilitator, Tony Kirton, will outline key principles for creating engaging multimedia presentations using programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

He will reveal the hidden power of PowerPoint, drawing on principles from graphic design, photography and Richard E Mayer’s Principles of Multimedia Learning.


Learning Objectives
  • Apply established principles of Graphic Design to your PowerPoint slides.
  • Use a fundamental photography technique to improve your slide layout and appeal.
  • Use text and images in a way that creates impact AND enhances learning.
  • Use one of PowerPoint’s most underutilised functions to keep your audience focussed on the key message.
  • Incorporate some of Richard E Mayer’s Principles of Multimedia Learning into your PowerPoint designs.

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