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Re-Registration With ASQA

Coach and prepare others for audit

Re-registration with ASQA

Insources has supported more than 500 RTOs to go through the re-registration process with ASQA. 
During this live session our principal consultant Javier Amaro, will share some insights with you and
provide you with a detailed list of suggested evidence for audit.

What will I learn?

Re-registration with ASQA can be challenging and disruptive for an RTO’s operations and a stressful process for its staff.

This webinar will help you to manage the re-registration process with minimal disruption for your RTO and provide you with specific tools to plan and test your position before ASQA’s audit.

Learning / Impact / Application

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the re-registration process
  • Identify evidence required for re-registration
  • Calculate a timeframe required to prepare for the re-registration application
  • List all tasks required to complete a re-registration project
  • Understand the principles of the re-registration audit process
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives

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