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From content-based learning, to a truly learner-centred approach

Using micro learning in VET

Recently, I had the privilege to present at the Industry Training Solutions Summit and one of the topics for discussion was the effect of micro learning in the workplace. As the discussion began, many claimed more flexibility was needed within...

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Australian’s VET sector: Lost in Compliance

What is the real cost of VET red tape for our society? 

The value of vocational education and training (VET) is in its contribution to develop Human Capital, as a means of equipping people and society with the skills and competences they need to meet current social and economic...

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Is Your RTO’s Business Model Compliant?

We have just received a new list (published on 2 January) showing 11 RTOs that have had their registration cancelled by ASQA. This means that during 2018 the regulator decided to either cancel registrations or apply sanctions to 367 RTOs, which represents the worse performance...

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Trainers, Assessors or Talent Development Professionals?

How did we get here? And how are we preparing ourselves to deal with current and future challenges?

Trainers have used the concept of competency-based vocational education since the 1800s. “As man invented tools, weapons, clothing, shelter and language, the need for training...

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Compliance starts with communication

When you look at the statistics published by ASQA, and the results from its regulatory work, they show the darkest face of VET. Since AQTF 2001 was implement, I wonder if we have been stuck in a continuous cycle of simply raising awareness and checking the compliance box.

Most of...

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Is VET Trapped in The Capabilities Vs Performance Issue?

Frequently, I encounter VET practitioners whose actions and comments indicate an assumption that building capability and enhancing performance are the same thing.

Learning alone will not yield performance results. There is no business or performance measure that improves because of...

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Can VET Match Micro-learning Solutions?

Using Skill Sets to meet industry needs.

Vocational Education and Training must provide solutions and support individuals and industry in Vocational Preparation and Vocational Development (Continuous Professional Development).

Although our VET system is a leader in Vocational...

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Three Reasons Why Compliance Training Fails

We are in the training industry, yet many training programs, including some formal training programs, fail to have a positive effect on our RTO's performance.

In this article, I will analyse the top three reasons why RTO Compliance Training Fails.

Lack of Alignment with RTO's...

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