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RTO’s Regulatory Risk Priorities for

Be proactive and align your compliance with ASQA’s priorities and best practices

About this webinar

Managing and mitigating the compliance risk is the most difficult challenge facing RTOs. Potential sanctions, costly rectifications and damage to the RTO’s reputation are the biggest concerns for most RTO managers.

ASQA’s renovated regulatory approach focuses on self-assurance, excellence in training outcomes and continuous improvement. But how can you identify risk priorities and ensure compliance efforts are properly focused and effective?

What will I learn?

ASQA’s updated regulatory risk priorities respond to RTO’s performance audits, VET reforms and government priorities.

This webinar will provide you with strategies to assess your RTO’s exposure to ASQA’s priority risks and determine how to prevent and detect non-compliances.

Javier Amaro, an experienced auditor and RTO CEO, will address compliance priorities associated with self-assurance, online learning, aged care and disability sector, trainers’ capabilities, VET in schools, government funded programs and amount of training.

Learning / Application / Impact

Learning Objectives
  • Interpret ASQA’s current compliance risk priority
  • Understand your RTO’s current compliance risk
  • Identify RTO’s compliance framework requirements
  • Analyse RTO’s current regulatory environment
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives

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