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Principles of Self-assurance for RTOs

Can you demonstrate ongoing compliance? Are your RTO’s practices, systems and processes effectively self-assured? We will teach you how to meet requirements.

About this webinar

VET regulations will move towards a culture of self-assurance in 2021, as part of a wider VET reform. This new strategy will achieve better levels of confidence in the integrity of training products issued by training providers. The three basic elements that underpin the effectiveness of an organisation’s self-assurance system are: its quality framework, its staff capabilities and the effectiveness of its self-evaluation actions to rectify and continuously improve.

What will I learn?

This webinar will discuss the pre-conditions for an effective self-assurance system. The facilitator will discuss the requirements for an RTO’s Quality Framework to support compliance with the VET Quality Framework. ‘

You will be given a list of capabilities required to manage and implement the RTO’s system in line with ASQA and other stakeholders’ expectations. 

The facilitator will explain self-evaluation mechanisms required for self-assurance of performance and training outcomes, and will provide examples of best practice of internal auditing, quality control and review.

You will learn a method to analyse the RTO’s readiness for the self-assurance era, and to address any areas that may require further development.

By the end of the webinar, you will be able to complete an action plan to establish an effective self-assurance system. You will walk away with templates and tools to lead your team towards a self-assurance culture that will improve your training outcomes and will put quality at the centre of the debate.

Learning / Application / Impact

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the principles of self-assurance
  • Identify gaps in current RTO systems
  • Determine resources required to implement an effective self-assurance system
  • Understand processes required to support self-assurance of compliance
  • Identify capabilities required to manage and implement a self-assurance approach
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives

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VET regulations will move towards a culture of self-assurance in 2021, as part of a wider VET reform.

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