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Effective Training Techniques

Learn dozens of practices aimed at promoting interactivity
and content reinforcement.

About this webinar

The Effective Training Techniques webinar delivers a crash course in the application of quality training, providing attendees with a blueprint for creating engaging learning and showcasing an arsenal of tools to manage the learning experience more effectively.

This webinar offers actionable tips, techniques and strategies to create memorable and impactful learning, that will produce better outcomes and more motivated participants. It also models dozens of practices aimed at promoting interactivity and content reinforcement.

Managing the learning experience

Great content is important, but helping learners to make the necessary connections to this content is even more critical. However, these connections can be lost when the trainer is unable to manage their time, space, resources and learner interactions/behaviours effectively. This session focuses on supporting trainers to better manage these different variables to create a more successful learning experience.


  • Determine methods for managing learner collaboration
  • Support learners to manage their own learning
  • Identify key techniques to manage space more effectively within a face-to-face
  • training environment
  • Apply simple time management tools within training
  • Identify 11 ways to manage difficult student behaviours
  • Explore 5 methods to use Power Point to emphasise and reinforce training content.

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