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Communication Skills For Trainers

Excellent communication guarantees information
is shared effectively with students and colleagues,
and ensures strong class management.

About this webinar

In a learning environment that changes constantly, communication is a crucial skill set for trainers.
Beyond presenting information and leading discussions, it is vital for a trainer to be highly skilled in all aspects of
communication. He or she should use language that learners can understand; keep industry specific terminology to a
minimum; give clear directions for activities; involve students through appropriate humour, anecdotes and examples;
and build on the ideas of others. This will lead to training sessions that are engaging and highly valuable for participants.

What will I learn?

This webinar focuses on the communication process, what effect body language has on learning, and the communication awareness model. You will also explore the most common barriers to communication, and improve students’ satisfaction in your RTO.

Learning / Impact / Application

Learning Objectives
  • Identify the most common barriers to communication
  • Understand the Communication Model process
  • Identify the importance of body language for effective communication
  • Review principles of congruent communication
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives

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