Utilising the Actors Skillset for virtual facilitators

The skills required to be on video professionally and with confidence are not something commonly taught.

About this webinar

The skills required to be on video professionally and with confidence are not something commonly taught. 

Right now, more than ever before, you need to be online and on video.
However, to cut through the noise and be successful, you need to do it with excellence!
How are you presenting on video? 
Are you, like so many others, fearful of the camera?

This is your chance to learn the tools of the trade from Amanda Meyer - an actor, director, writer and teacher.
Don't fumble your way through and present substandard videos or lives. Don't suffer from debilitating fear. Learn how to do it well the first time and get the tools and keys you need right now.

What will I learn?

Crafting your speech/training/webinar/social media videos is so much more than your words! Your words are only one piece of your communication.

If you want your audience to hear you effectively then you need to learn how to do it well.
  • Body - language, body/stage/camera position;
  • Voice - tone and inflection, volume and variance;
  • Visual - branding, light, background, composition;
  • Audience - intent, type, place
ALL factor in to what your audience hears from you.

Learning Objectives

  • Overcome fears and feel more in control
  • Understand lighting and how to create your own
  • Give you insight into body positions and how to utilize them
  • Understand how to not distract your audience or detract from your message
  • Give you practical strategies for appearing and sounding professional on camera
  • Understand the power and nuance of your voice and how to use to your advantage

Presenter - Amanda Meyer

I translate the actors and directors skillset (my background for 20 yrs) to the business world, teaching effective public speaking, on camera and presence to speakers, business owners and corporate leaders. I show them how to overcome fears, to confidently excel in authority and effectively reach their audience. 

At Rewards Drama we focus not only on stagecraft, voice, body, and on camera work, but on worth, individuality and the importance of our own voice. 

I am in Melbourne Australia and I train, consult and speak online and in person.

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