Master Program

RTO re-registration with ASQA

Effectively lead your RTO throughout your next re-registration

The RTO's registration is the most critical risk that RTO's must manage. The re-registration with ASQA it's a rigorous process where every applicant must demonstrate compliance with the VET Quality Framework. The new ASQA's audit model have demonstrated to be more effective to assess levels of compliance of RTO's operations and outcome. Is your RTO ready for audit?

Our RTO Re-registration Master Program is designed to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and tools to meet the evidence required for the re-registration as an RTO with ASQA. The program includes three-day workshop (face-to-face), and online learning resources that you can start using immediately after you register for this program.

Learning Objectives
  • Understand the re-registration process
  • Identify evidence required for re-registration
  • Calculate a timeframe required to prepare for the re-registration application
  • List all tasks required to complete a re-registration project
  • Identify evidence to demonstrate continuous improvement
  • Work with policies and procedures
  • Understand ASQA's new audit approach
Application Objectives
Impact Objectives
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