In-house Professional Development Training

Connect the professional development of your staff to your RTO's goals

If you operate an RTO you will understand just how important compliance is to your business. Insources internal audit service ensures your RTO is meeting the requirements of the VET Standards. Arrange your RTO's on-site audit now.

About In-house PD Training

Connect the professional development of your staff to your RTO's goals

It is vital for an RTO to have adequate access to professional development for its staff. In recent times, managers have used most of their learning budgets to address "gap training" instead of "general training", in an attempt to connect learning to the RTO's and bottom-line results such as:

  • Designing, delivering, and assessing relevant quality training
  • Using resources effectively including available technology
  • Clients' satisfaction
  • Identifying business opportunities, and
  • Regulatory compliance results.
In fact, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) identified that most compliance issues were related to employees' lack of skills and knowledge to:

  • Plan, implement and review quality management systems
  • Interpret and contextualise training packages and accredited courses
  • Assess and address clients' training strategies
  • Perform assessment activities including recognition of prior learning (RPL)
  • Evaluate training
  • Validate assessments, and
  • Be fit for changes (proactive approach to updates in benchmarks and training packages).
The gaps mentioned above contribute not only to a significant non-compliance, but mean RTOs will be more likely to compete on price in a market segment that is driven by external factors out of the RTO's control.

Some trainers and RTOs have wasted "training-money" trying to satisfy compliance requirements and have overlooked the potential effect of training on the RTO's business results.

A training program relevant for your RTO

We adapt the PD training to meet your specific needs by reviewing your internal processes, considering your goals, resources, and skills of your current staff.

We can create a customised PD training program to address gaps in your employees' skills. We will support your RTO to improve internal procedures and to train your staff to achieve your organisation's goals

Training content, resources, delivery methods and evaluation is developed in consultation with the RTO to ensure a measurable return on your training investment.

Our training delivery methods are flexible to meet your operational needs. We can deliver full day workshops, break down training into small slots of face-to-face sessions, or use a blended delivery program including some online training support.

We create value by working with organisations and individuals to help them reach their vision and to increase their own "fitness for change" in a rapidly evolving environment.

Our training services are results focused and our support will help you to achieve three critical success factors: deliver quality and industry relevant training, sustainability, and continuous compliance.

In-house Training

Connect the professional development of your staff to your RTO's goals.

RTO Internal Audit

We provide you with an accurate and independent picture of your RTO's compliance status.

In-house validations

Insources has developed a complete solution for RTOs: In-house Validation Service.

Independent Assessment Validation

The assessment validation is a critical component of an RTO's quality assurance system.

Deliver quality and industry
relevant training, sustainability,
and continuous compliance.

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