About Consulting Services for RTOs

Insources has more than 10 years experience helping Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to deliver, industry relevant training, and maintain continuous compliance in a highly regulated environment.

We combine specialist skills in vocational educadtion and training, managing people and developing talent, quality and compliance, operations, strategy and technology.

Our industry experience is extensive

Our consultants will help your organisation achieve quality and compliance goals in a sustainable and cost effective way.

We will consider your operations, environment and the skills of your current staff and help you implement and adopt the systems that will work for your RTO.

Insources provides a 360 degree solution that combines expert advice with tailored training and support during implementation.

Our commitment to quality and positive "Return On Investment" for our clients has helped us become a leading training and management consultant organisation.

We specialise in different areas of an RTO's operations:

  • Developing and maintaining Quality Management and Compliance Systems
  • Professional development for RTO staff (managers, trainers, assessors and admin staff)
  • Instructional design
  • Developing assessment resources
  • Internal Audits
  • ROI
  • ASQA Registration
  • CRICOS Registration, and
  • ISO Certification

In-house Training

Connect the professional development of your staff to your RTO's goals.

RTO Internal Audit

We provide you with an accurate and independent picture of your RTO's compliance status.

In-house validations

Insources has developed a complete solution for RTOs: In-house Validation Service.

Independent Assessment Validation

The assessment validation is a critical component of an RTO's quality assurance system.

Experience consultants ready to help
your organisation to deliver quality,
industry relevant training, and maintain
continuous compliance

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