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Practical intervention or pipedream?

Elearning and soft skills are not the most obvious of bedfellows, but could one be used to educate people in the other?

Over the last 20 years, digital learning has evolved from the periphery to a core part of Learning & Development strategy in many organisations. As technology has moved to the heart of our workplace, effective elearning and mobile learning solutions have also emerged and this trend is likely to continue, however, lies a considerable challenge.

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Employee training is an art not yet perfected. The days of sitting in a classroom and getting lectured about the company product/s are over. Technology is revolutionizing the way companies are able to train employees and channel partners. Videos, documents, webpages, photos and other training material can be accessed through the cloud to enable a smoother training process. Not only is the cloud a place for managers to train, but they also have the ability to set standards for their employees and partners.


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Wireless audio transmitters that operate in the 694-820 MHz band will be illegal to use in Australia from 1 January 2015 because the federal government has sold that range of frequencies.

Wireless audio transmitters include microphones, in-ear monitoring systems and public announcement systems, which are commonly used by training organizations.

If your organization owns wireless audio transmitter it is recommended to check at which frequency they operate since the 700 MHz band is used by most current devices. In case you own any affected equipment, you will have to replace them before the end of December 2014.

If you are planning to purchase or upgrade any wireless audio transmitter confirm that they operate in a band outside the 694-820 MHz.


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