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webinarThink about your last webinar frustrating experience. What was the problem? Why wasn't it a 10 on the scale of greatness? Chances are at least one of the deadly sins of webinars was committed. Part of avoiding sins is known what they are and what to do if unforseen challenges come up. There are four people that can commit sins and as the facilitator, you are the one responsible for preventing them!

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Transforming Training

Over the next five years, how you train and educate your staff won't just change; it'll transform. What's the difference? Changing means continuing to do essentially the same thing, only introducing some variation in degree. Transformation means doing something utterly and radically different.

For example, moving our music from cassette tape to CD changed how you listen to music. But going from a CD to having all your music in digital format on your smart phone and with you at all times transformed how you listen to music.

Exponential changes driven by processing power, storage, and bandwidth are now reaching a stage that allows us to transform business processes including how we educate and train our workforce. This transformation will certainly accelerate. The only question is whether your organization will take advantage of it.

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Today it is generally accepted that the average trainer will have, along with his/her vocational expertise, skills in instructional design processes and group facilitation. That is, he/she can both design and deliver face-to-face training.

In recent years, additional skill sets have been added to what many trainers are expected to have in their training tool kits:

  • business acumen,
  • systems and compliance,
  • organizational knowledge, and increasingly,
  • virtual facilitation skills for events such as webinars.

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