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Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) plans define how an organization will prepare and recover from a disruptive event, whether an event might be a natural disaster such as a flood or a fire or simply a power outage.

Business continuity plan defines how the organization will continue to operate or “make money” after a contingency and the disaster recovery plan defines the processes by which you resume regular business activities following the event. It is a common practice to join both terms under the acronym BC/DR.

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Businesses across many industries are adopting cloud computing solutions for their applications and systems, regardless of their size. Does it apply also for an RTO? It certainly does and should be considered as a valid candidate when defining the IT Strategy or embracing a new system implementation or upgrade project.

The term cloud computing is very broad and it is used to refer to any IT service or infrastructure outside your premises. There are multiple vendors in this area with different approaches, technologies and strategies that must be considered in detail before selecting the best option for your organization.

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