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LLN Practitioner Scholarships-Now Open- 4th Round

The Australian Government is providing scholarships of up to $5250 to individuals to undertake an approved adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) practitioner qualification through the LLN Practitioner Scholarship Program.

The program is targeted at:

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As companies mature, they often face declining growth as innovation gives way to inertia and registered training organisations (RTOs) are no the exception.

In order to achieve consistent levels of growth throughout their lifetimes, RTOS must attend to existing businesses while still considering areas they can grow in the future. New funding models, new regulations, changes in training packages, new technologies, and constant changes in workplace practices and conditions, are setting the vocational education needs of the future.The three horizons framework provides a structure for RTOs to assess potential opportunities for growth without neglecting performance in the present.

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