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Five right-brain skills are predicted to be in high demand in the "Conceptual Age."

Creativity is emerging as the most important leadership quality for success. The business world is shifting from exclusively valuing left-brain skills, such as subject expertise and technical competency, to seeking individuals with right-brain skills, such as adaptability and imagination. We are moving out of the Information Age and into the Conceptual Age, where creative thinking will become as essential as logical thinking.

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The use of web conferencing for employee training is becoming more prevalent because it lowers costs to employers, provides a solid training foundation for employees, and makes re-training of current employees seamless.

Many companies are beginning to include web conferencing with their employee training as a means to reach more learners and reduce costs. In a study conducted with 533 trainers, 63 percent used web conferencing in their training plans. Here are some useful tips to help you get started with your own web conference training program.

Web Conference Training Tips

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ASTD International Conference & Exposition– May 4-7, Washington DC, USA.


The ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition brings the training and development industry to life. Each aspect of the industry is covered for every level of practitioner, from CEO to specialist, from dean to student. At ASTD 2014, join more than 9,000 of your learning colleagues from around the globe in Washington, D.C., May 4 - 7, 2014, to share best practices and insights.

Relevant Professional Development
You need to stay current and competitive in today's market. By joining the Australian delegation to ASTD 2014, you will benefit your organization by advancing and fine-tuning your skills, finding new ways to increase efficiencies, and gaining practical knowledge you can put to work the day you return.

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