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Want an easy way to help your employees become more effective? Ask them to spend the end of each workday reflecting on their performance, research suggests.This Simple Daily Exercise Boosts Employee Performance.

A recent study found that "employees who spent the last 15 minutes of each day of their training period writing and reflecting on what they had learned did 23% better in the final training test than other employees," the Harvard Business Review reports.

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By E. Wayne Hart

The benefits of mentoring are well known: It gives less experienced employees valuable feedback, insight and support, while passing down wisdom and institutional knowledge. But who can develop effective mentoring relationships with today?

Whether they are called Generation Yecho boomers or even the Peter Pan generationmillennials are becoming more prevalent and weighty in today's business world. This younger generation is expected to comprise 36 percent of the global workforce this year and 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

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