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When it comes to vocational training and education, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every training sector (industry) has unique requirements and every learner cohort has different set of needs, and goals. When designing training and assessment strategies, is it best to lean toward virtual or the classroom? This rational is not only outdated, but likely ineffective, and in today’s largely work-from-home landscape, it’s also unrealistic.

By deciding your training delivery mode as purely live trainer-led or on-demand, you’ll miss valuable benefits of each methodology. Those who consider a blended approach to learning take advantage of the pros aligned with both methods and can also eliminate the cons that either approach brings to the table.

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The balance between quality and compliance

During almost a decade, the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has repeatedly reported concerns about unduly short training provided by registered training organisations (RTOs). More recently, the regulator has included the amount of training in the priority list of “standards of concern” (clauses where providers are most likely to be at risk of non-compliance), part of ASQA’s Regulatory Strategy 2020-2022.

RTOs are required to maintain compliance with a regulatory framework that, in the case of the amount of training or course duration, is rather complex and confusing.

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Become fluent in the language of the virtual classroom.

After almost two decades, virtual classrooms have become an expected part of the training mix. Most organisations already have invested in virtual classroom software and are now expecting that some percentage of their training content will be delivered virtually.

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