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The new VET Student Loans Program, recently announced to replace the VET-FEE-HELP, shows a perception that is hurting the VET sector: training is a cost.

The debate around funding training and education is focused on cost. The actions taken by the government demonstrate that VET is considered as a cost and not as an investment. The rhetorical political speech talks about connecting training with industry needs, including statements such as: "Restoring Integrity to Vocational Education" or "... a win-win for students and taxpayers".

It is not clear how the VET Student Loans Program will ensure a return on investment (ROI) for taxpayers, and seems to be more about controlling expenditures, and not focused on producing an ROI.

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During the last 10 years, the vocational education and training sector has been presented with a set of so called "reforms". Instead of them promoting improvements in the system, they have contributed to a weaker delivery of education and training. A long list of government agencies and bureaucrats have consistently missed the point when trying to apply new regulatory frameworks.

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