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asqa logoThe Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released the findings from its VET FEE-HELP audit project.

The project was launched in April after the authority recorded an increase in the number of complaints it had received against registered training organisations (RTOs) approved to participate in the VET FEE-HELP scheme.

Chief Commissioner Chris Robinson said the number of complaints received by ASQA pointed to a potential systemic issue and, as a result, the authority undertook 21 targeted audits and interviewed more than 400 students.

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tickThe regulation for delivering elective units and standalone units has been very inconsistent among different regulators. In the past, RTOs wishing to deliver elective units within a qualification as a standalone unit were required to formally apply to add the unit to its own scope of registration.

The above approach was one of those regulatory measures that represented an administrative cost without adding value to the quality of the education provided (red tape). If the RTO demonstrates it has adequate strategies and resources to deliver the unit within the qualification, why does the RTO need to demonstrate this again when it is a standalone unit?

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