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Under the Standards, RTOs can arrange with other organisations (third parties) to deliver training and assessment services, provide educational support services, or recruit students. All services delivered by a third party must be documented in a written agreement (Clause 2.3). These agreements must be reported to ASQA within the stipulated 30 days (Clause 8.4), using the form here provided online.

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What is the real cost of VET red tape for our society? The value of vocational education and training (VET) is in its contribution to develop Human Capital, as a means of equipping people and society with the skills and competences they need to meet current social and economic demands and fulfil the country’s own development goals.

The VET Quality Framework is used to ensure the quality of training in VET across Australia. But after 8 years of its implementation, its impact in promoting high quality training it’s arguable, and the results shows more consistency in process across RTOs, but not necessarily better quality.

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