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What does ethical behaviour look like to you? Despite many of us going through periodic compliance training, do you understand the critical implications to the success of your organisation and yourself as a trainer?

Ethics is a core business driver. It influences turnover, productivity, customer service . . . almost everything that makes a business succeed or fail. If we look at some cases of fraud or illegal conduct in the VET sector, it wasn’t just one bad actor or one bad decision that gets a company into trouble. It’s a bad culture.

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Just a few weeks ago Scott Morrison addressed the need for a post-COVID educated workforce and pressed the virtual re-set button for the VET sector. The same sector that according to the Productivity Commission, has failed two generations of Australians.

I am concerned that such a simplistic assumption may send us crashing into another brick wall in the near future. The lack of success, in certain vocational pathways, is complex but can be explained by the lack of alignment with industries and learners’ needs.

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