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How did we get here? And how are we preparing ourselves to deal with current and future challenges?

Trainers have used the concept of competency-based vocational education since the 1800s. “As man invented tools, weapons, clothing, shelter and language, the need for training became an essential ingredient in the march for civilisation.” (Cloyd S. Steinmetz, Training and Development Handbook: A Guide to Human Resource Development, 2nd Edition, ASTD, 1976)

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Don't tick the wrong box! Assessment systems continue to be the most challenging area in an RTO's operations and yet the most critical to demonstrate quality outcomes. When dealing with assessments in Australia's VET environment, we need to consider both the assessment system used by the training organisation, and the outcomes produced by that system. The "assessment evidence" is collected and used to make a competency judgement against the unit(s) of competency.

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Insources' first VET Assessment Practices Summit held on 28 and 29 April was an outstanding success. The event attracted more than 100 private training organisations, resource developers, professional bodies, not-for-profit organisations, enterprise RTOs, public training providers, service skills organisations, universities and VET practitioners. They discussed current opportunities and issues within Australia's VET sector.

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