The Australian VET Conference 2022

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All VET professionals have an obligation (compliance requirement) to undertake relevant Professional Development in the core fields of vocational training, learning and assessment.

The Australian VET Conference 2022 features sessions from our best and most popular speakers, which will give you the skills, knowledge and tools to:

  1. Meet professional development (PD) requirements, and maintain the skills needed to act according to the Standards for RTOs, and
  2. Build effective connections. The VET sector is continuously evolving, and its success will depend on its ability to continuously building effective connections.

Choosing Technology, Platforms to Deliver Learning Content

There are over 100 published learning platforms available for content developers and training organisations. With concerns about compatibility, student engagement, monitoring and compliance. We will look into case studies that address these concerns through trial and error to arrive at a solid balance.

ASQA’S New Regulatory Regime – Future Planning Your RTO

In 2022, ASQA started implementing its new regulatory framework. Many providers have found themselves in a far better position. However, there are circumstances where providers are at a significant disadvantage in their dealings with the regulator. We will examine the ways providers can minimize their risks stemming from compliance events under the new framework and ensure they are best placed to ensure profitability post COVID.

Where are the critical areas of non-compliance?

The knowledge and skills you will learn will help you to address critical areas of non-compliance highlighted by ASQA:

  1. Amount of training, and
  2. Assessment practices.

Non-compliances against the amount of training requirements are, in most cases, training design issues. Poorly designed programs lead to unproductive training, with very limited (if any) opportunities to practice and apply new skills in industry relevant environments (simulated or workplace). When audited by ASQA, more than 47% of RTOs failed to demonstrate compliance against clause 1.2.

The Australian VET Conference 2022 includes the workshop: Managing Training and Assessment Practices delivered by Javier Amaro, and workshop: Creative Training Techniques delivered by Marc Ratcliffe & Jason Ash.

Presentations will be delivered by:

  • Saxon Rice - Chief Executive Officer at Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

  • Christina Bolger - Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)

  • Jason Ash - General Manager of MRWED

  • Marc Ratcliffe - Chief Executive Officer of MRWED Training and Assessment

  • Dr. Deniese Cox - Casual Research Fellow; Sessional Lecturer of Griffith University

  • Dr. Dan Hill - Director of Spec Training

  • Javier Amaro - CEO of Insources Group

  • Nic Thomas - Director Project Management and ProcurementAIPM Assessor

  • Chemène Sinson - Principal of Blackwater Projects

  • Tracie Parisi - Founder of Student Convert

  • Simeon Cryer - CEO of Student Convert

  • Dr Mo Kader - Managing Director, Consultica Worldwide Management Consultants

  • Paul Walsh - CEO, Australian Industry Standards

  • Laurie Kelly - CEO at Brain Friendly Training

  • Peter Doukas - Legal Practitioner Director of Denison Toyer

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