The VET Training and Assessment Summit is a necessity for VET Practitioners

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All Vet professionals have an obligation (compliance requirement) to undertake relevant Professional Development in the core fields of vocational training, learning and assessment. This three-day event features sessions from our best and most popular speakers on the most essential topics for all VET professionals: Instructional Design, Training Delivery, Competency-based Assessments and Learning Technologies.

The VET Training and Assessment Summit 2019 will give you the skills, knowledge and tools to:

  1. Meet professional development (PD) requirements, and maintain the skills needed to act according to the Standards for RTOs, and
  2. Create participant-centred and work-based learning models where students can develop relevant skills and have fun in the process. 

Why will attending this event support you and your RTO to meet compliance and quality requirements?

You will meet the yearly PD requirements established in Standard 1, clauses 1.13(b) and 1.16 by attending the VET Training and Assessment Summit 2019. But the effect of this event goes far beyond the clauses listed above. The knowledge and skills you will learn will help you to address critical areas of non-compliance highlighted by ASQA:

  1. Amount of training, and
  2. Assessment practices.

Non-compliances against the amount of training requirements are, in most cases, training design issues. Poorly designed programs lead to unproductive training, with very limited (if any) opportunities to practice and apply new skills in industry relevant environments (simulated or workplace). When audited by ASQA, more than 47% of RTOs failed to demonstrate compliance against clause 1.2.

The VET Training and Assessment Summit 2019 includes the workshop: Advanced Instructional Design delivered by Javier Amaro. Keynote presentations by: Dr Bryan West, Laurie Kelly, and Denise Archie will cover topics such as: Learner-Centred Training Design, Designing Brain Friendly Training and Designing Workplace Training Programs.

Assessors need to have knowledge and skills about competency-based assessments, which are critical aspects for the quality and effectiveness of RTOs’ assessment systems and practices. These assessments are probably the most technical task for trainers and assessors working within an RTO environment. They are also the biggest contributor to non-compliances, and consequently the cancellation of many RTO’s registrations during the last six months.

This event includes the workshop: Developing Assessment Tools delivered by Tony Kirton, and the keynote presentations: Assessment Practices (Dan Hill), Considering AQF Levels and Foundation Skills in Assessment Design (Anni Yaringa), Collecting Assessment Evidence (Tony Kirton), and Getting the RPL Right (Javier Amaro).  

You will have access to best practices and solutions to design quality training in line with the requirements of Standard 1 (clauses 1.1 – 1.4) and assess students in line with the requirements of clauses 1.8 – 1.12.

Improving the quality of students’ experience

But the VET Training and Assessment Summit 2019 is more than compliance with regulations. This program has been designed to help you create and deliver participant-centred and work-based learning models that can turn your training into an innovative experience for your students.

The workshops: Delivery Techniques delivered by Denise Meyerson and Trainer Intensive delivered by Laurie Kelly, and the keynote presentations: Presentation Skills (Jane Anderson), Leveraging your Emotional Intelligence in Training (Grant Hebert), and How Humans Learn (Mick Mooney); will provide you with tools and solutions to incorporate innovation into your training programs and improve students’ completion and satisfaction levels.

Actionable takeaways

  • Design better training programs that meet regulatory requirements and truly change students’ behaviour
  • Develop and deliver training programs that engage learners.
  • Develop compliant and efficient assessment tools including RPL.
  • Produce evidence to meet PD requirements. 

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