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pyramid61- Lack of Alignment with Business Needs. A training program's payoff comes from the business measures that drive it. Simply put, if a training program is not aligned or connected to a business measure, no improvement can be linked to the program. Too often, training is implemented for the wrong reasons – a trend, desire or perceived need that may not be connected to a business measure.

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For some evaluators, the act of converting data to monetary value inspires fear, misconception, and bewilderment. But remember, all data can be converted to monetary value. You just need to know what techniques are available to you.

Use Standard Values
Many organizations have standard values to measure turnover, productivity, and quality. If a measure has a monetary value developed and accepted by the organization, there's no reason to reinvent it. Standard values are generally grouped into three categories: output to contribution, cost of quality, and employees' time.

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Measuring ROI? In business coaching? Yes and yes. Isn't this just a fad? Isn't this impossible? No and no.

As more and more organisations use business coaching as a human resources, performance improvement, and leadership development approach, many executives question its value, particularly as coaching expenditures grow. Whether the engagement takes place in the context of an internal department for coaching or through arrangement with a business coaching firm, coaching assignments and commitments are planned and executed with good intentions. Unfortunately, however, not all coaching engagements produce the value desired by either the individual being coached (participant) or the sponsor who often pays for it. It will be increasingly important that business coaches measure a significant return on investment (ROI) and show the value of business coaching in terms that managers and executives understand.

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