Systematic Review of Training Products

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review coverTraining providers must adopt a continuous review process to ensure the training solutions they offer remain relevant and effectively support learners to achieve their goals. For Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) this process also takes a fundamental role in maintaining compliance.

Defining an evaluation framework is critical for any training provider. This framework is used to monitor training success, and provides vital data to improve and adjust training design, delivery and assessment.

What evaluation framework parameters are required for an RTO?
The VET Quality Framework, and in particular the Standards for RTOs 2015, provides a set of parameters that must be addressed, as part of the training product evaluation, to manage and demonstrate compliance. These parameters are:

  • Amount of training provided
  • Frequency, nature, and use of industry consultation
  • Relevance of training methods and resources
  • Relevance of assessment systems, practices and resources
  • Effectiveness of assessment validations
  • Suitability of educational services
  • Capability of trainers and assessors
  • Effectiveness of administrative arrangements
  • Quantity, quality and use of students/employers/trainers' feedback.

The quality of training services, and consequently compliance, goes beyond Training and Assessment Strategies supported by a set of policies and procedures. They depend on the training and assessment practices and implementing those strategies.

Managing compliance is about managing training and assessment practices in line with the Standards for RTOs 2015. RTOs must establish some indicators for each parameter listed above, and use them as a benchmark during the evaluation process. Having clear indicators will allow RTO managers to use the evaluation of training products to maintain compliance and find opportunities for continuous improvement.

We have developed the workshop: "Systematic Review of Training Products" - designed for RTO managers and trainers to implement an evaluation framework that contributes to managing and maintaining quality and compliance. You will walk away with a set of tools ready to use, and the skills and knowledge to evaluate training products in line with the Standards for RTOs.

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