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Providing learners with access to training does not guarantee post-training behaviour change. Even the most engaging piece of learning content won't inspire a change in the thoughts or actions of learners.

The goal of all vocational training is for learners to turn their lessons into action. But it is surprisingly rare, with some estimates suggesting that as much as 80 percent of all training is ineffective, not only considering compliance indicators, but also employers and students’ post training feedback.

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This year, the amount of professional development offerings for trainers, RTO managers and practitioners has been significantly more than in the past, with a variety of topics and delivery modes. But before you decide your 2021 PD plan, are you giving thought to your own learning needs and interests while reviewing your organisation’s requirements?

Considering current business and economic challenges for training organisations, expansion of fast-paced technology and evolution of quality-compliance requirements for RTOs, commitment to this profession means that continual development is no longer optional. Instead, it’s a necessity for your long-term survival and future success.

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Develop the competencies required to support self-assurance on compliance.

The demand for talented individuals at all levels of internal auditing far exceeds the supply. In fact, auditing is widely regarded as a prestigious and a high-profile profession.

Compliance continues to be a major concern for the boards, CEOs and senior management of most organisations. There are increasing risks associated with new levels of complexity and the pace of changes in legislative and regulatory requirements.

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