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Training vs. School

The very essence of who we are as learners, as well as how and why we are learning, is fundamentally different. So different, in fact, that it should dramatically change how you design instruction. Yet, way too often it doesn't. Many instructional designers continue to design...

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Our VET System Works!

Vocational education has been around for centuries, the ability to master some traditional trades has been passed from generation to generation in pioneer versions of vocational education and training (VET) systems, since the very beginning of our societies.

The application of the...

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Bridge the Gap Between E-Learning and Compliance

Compliance training, in too many training organisations, is dangerously close to an oxymoron. No matter how rigorous and compelling our Standards for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) may be, compliance related training programs, especially in e-learning, are routinely...

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Conducting Validations

The Standards for RTOs 2015 set the requirements and benchmarks for RTO's Assessment Practices. All RTOs must develop and implement a system to ensure:

  1. Assessment judgements are sound and consistent
  2.  Assessment judgements are validated.

An assessment system includes not only...

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Are Digital Badges a New Measurement of Mastery?

Across the globe, higher education institutions and professional organisations are harnessing the power of digital badges to motivate, demonstrate, and validate learning and development (L&D). Digital badges are currently in use at postsecondary institutions such as MIT,...

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Converting Data to Monetary Value

For some evaluators, the act of converting data to monetary value inspires fear, misconception, and bewilderment. But remember, all data can be converted to monetary value. You just need to know what techniques are available to you.

Use Standard Values
Many organizations have...

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Measuring ROI in Business Coaching: An Overview

Measuring ROI? In business coaching? Yes and yes. Isn't this just a fad? Isn't this impossible? No and no.

As more and more organisations use business coaching as a human resources, performance improvement, and leadership development approach, many executives question its...

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Are you Virtually Competent?

Become fluent in the language of the virtual classroom.

After almost two decades, virtual classrooms have become an expected part of the training mix. Most organisations already have invested in virtual classroom software and are now expecting that some percentage of their training...

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