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Using Digital Badges as Stackable Career Credentials

"Digital badges are a 21st century credential. Why, in today's hyperlinked, online world, would we depend on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper to carry all the significance of our learning? We've self-reported experience and KSAs for years on paper resumes; 21st century resumes need...

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Non-for-profits Need More Training

New Australian research shows that one in two Not for Profit employees do not have access to any professional development.

According to researchers at The University of Western Australia Centre for Social Impact (UWA CSI) and funded by the Origin Foundation and the Australian...

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How to brainstorm

Recently, there's been a lot of discussion about how brainstorming doesn't work. Forbes, Fast Company, and the New Yorker have all weighed in with articles (see references). I agree that what they term as brainstorming doesn't work, but that doesn't mean brainstorming doesn't...

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Trainers' Skills Development

Often people come to our courses looking for advice to transition into training after having done something else for a while.

Becoming a vocational educator, a trainer, a facilitator, a performance improvement professional is not going to happen overnight. It is a skill that is...

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1 Question you Should Never Ask During Industry Consultation

I recently met with a client who was preparing a industry consultation questionnaire for a new Training Product. Here is the crux of what he was planning to ask: What do learners need to learn?

This is one question you should never ask employers (senior leaders). You are asking a...

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Challenges in Instructional Design

As the training and development field evolves and attracts a different pool of professionals with diverse skills and experiences, new questions arise: Have the competencies of instructional design (ID) changed? Should they change? How has ID evolved over the past few decades? Are...

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5 Must-Have Features of a Virtual Classroom

To be sure, today's virtual classroom tools offer many bells and whistles. But unless your virtual classroom also provides the basic features, you will find yourself in trouble very quickly when you really need to get down to business. I consider these five features to be...

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The Learning Styles Myth

Ancient peoples invented colorful stories about powerful gods expressing themselves through the physical world. They were trying to make sense of their world, using the only tools available at the time.

Similarly, educators have developed many theories about the learning process...

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