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8 Reasons Why to Have Remote Workers

Is your management team wrestling with the decision to let people work from home? It can be a big change, but it's also a positive and necessary one. Increasingly, people are viewing "work" as something you do, rather than somewhere you go.

When organisations look to the future,...

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Delivering standalone units that are part of a qualification

The regulation for delivering elective units and standalone units has been very inconsistent among different regulators. In the past, RTOs wishing to deliver elective units within a qualification as a standalone unit were required to formally apply to add the unit to its own scope...

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Vocational Competencies for Advanced Occupational Standards

Lessons from World TVET Conference 2015 – Day one
Vocational development is a lifelong journey and VET providers must prepare individuals for advanced occupational standards that have evolved from work-task based to work-process focused.

It was a pleasure and an honour for me to...

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Virtual Events: Engaged Participants vs. Disengaged Attendees

Participants in online meetings, webinars, and virtual training events want and need them to be great experiences. But what do great experiences look like? The business buzzword answer is that it's all about participant engagement—and for once the buzzword is on track.

A great...

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ASQA Infringement Officers Set to Enforce Compliance

The decision to issue an infringement notice is one of a range of enforcement actions ASQA can take in order to enforce compliance with the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011. An ASQA infringement officer may issue an infringement notice if they...

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Types of third-party arrangements for RTOs

An RTO might be involved in third-party arrangements with:

  • other RTOs
  • non-registered training providers
  • recruitment agents or brokers
  • employment/job services agencies

Third party arrangements with another Registered training organisation
An RTO may engage another registered...

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3 Reasons Why Training and Development Fails...

1- Lack of Alignment with Business Needs. A training program's payoff comes from the business measures that drive it. Simply put, if a training program is not aligned or connected to a business measure, no improvement can be linked to the program. Too often, training is implemented...

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Myths and Realities of Online Training

Even after many years of online training in business, industry, and academia, there remain many myths concerning this method of delivery.

Online training is impersonal. Online training can be made personal. The leader can post his profile, engage in discussions with the...

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