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What makes a good trainer?

The effectiveness and even the integrity of the TAE40110 Certificate IV in Training and Assessment has been the centre of public discussions for a few years now. A lot of people ask me to describe how this qualification can help RTOs improve their performance. Can it help graduates...

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From blended to flipped learning

Vocational education and training professionals are all familiar with the common demand from employers and learners: achieve higher levels of learning and performance with fewer resources—and with employees spending less time away from their jobs.

Flipped learning is one model...

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Updating Assessment Systems

In order to assess (measure) something, we need to know what we want to measure and how to measure it. How do we measure learning? How do we measure competency? I would like to define learning as "changes in behaviour that result from experience."

To assess learning, we need to...

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Planning for a compliant 2016

In 2015, RTOs were challenged by an inadequate and volatile regulatory framework and a dysfunctional VET market and during 2016, they will continue to have an unprecedented effect.

In Australia, more than 80% of the VET market is government funded, therefore, training demand is...

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What Is Instructional Design?

Instructional design involves doing far more than designing instruction. In that sense, it is really a misnomer. Instructional design is designing a system that enables students to not only learn, but to do. Here are the components of this system:

On-the-job training and...

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Blended Learning

Understanding which modality to use for what type of content or training is key to making the blend meaningful to the learner. When selecting an approach, you need to consider the content, the audience, and available resources, including technology. In our RTO environment, the...

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ASQA releases findings from VET FEE-HELP

The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) has released the findings from its VET FEE-HELP audit project.

The project was launched in April after the authority recorded an increase in the number of complaints it had received against registered training organisations (RTOs)...

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Six Tips for Working With the Brain to Create Real Behavior Change

Discover key principles for learning design that maximize the brain's capacity to learn, build memories, and develop habits.

The latest report from the research firm Bersin by Deloitte shows that more money is being spent on learning and development than ever before. And yet,...

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